4G iPhone on Verizon after holiday – another Christmas story?

What if Verizon Wireless launched its 4G LTE iPhone right after Christmas?


After a “questionable” report came out, Monday, people are now wondering if Verizon will bring out the 4G LTE iPhone; even though they just stared offering the 4G LTE network for laptops a week ago.

Though the information that came out “is from a sole source” that is believed to be credible it still needs to be treated as a rumor (since it cannot be independently confirmed).

According to MacDailyNews, an Apple news site, the LTE-capable iphone has been ready for quite a while, and they’ve been shipping to Verizon Warehouses in bulk.

But why has the news been hidden until now?

Verizon Wireless may have “no comment” according to spokesman Jeffery T. Nelson, but sources say that it was “AT&T’s final demand to maximize their Christmas iPhone sales”

In fairness when Verizon began rolling out its fourth-generation LTE network Dec. 5, it said it didn’t expect to have “consumer-oriented LTE devices like smart phones and tablets” until mid-2011; with its entire 4G high-speed network available to all by the end of 2013.

Though the iPhone might hit Verizon in the coming weeks, it’s not likely that it will run on the new 4G LTE network. The source who spoke to MacDailyNews may be thinking of the CDMA 3G version of the iPhone, that is coming to Verizon Wireless (something that has been widely reported), but not confirmed.

When everything is said and done will you be waiting for the Verizon iPhone this Christmas?

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