A New Hope – For BlackBerry Users

Dan and I grinned from ear to ear yesterday after a brief phone call.  The call was nothing special, except that it consisted of a BlackBerry Bold 9000 calling my desk phone over SIP.  (In other words, it wasn’t a cell call but was over our private service.)  Before this we had written off the entire BlackBerry market as “all but lost” because it couldn’t support SIP calling.

Yes, our services may soon work with BlackBerry devices. 🙂

It is our hope that, with a little work, we can release our own version of the SIP client that we found.  But the bottom line is: BlackBerry devices are now SIP possible!

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2 Responses to A New Hope – For BlackBerry Users

  1. Reggie Pugh says:

    Cool Site and Blog- best of success with the buisness -there is a need and you have targeted a clear niche . Q….what do you think about Google Voice and how yo can right now make domestic calls for free ?

  2. dan says:


    Thanks for the comments.

    As for your question about Google Voice. Its interesting to say the least, but in the end people have to pay. My dad used to day “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Google says they are charging for international calls to pay for the free north American calling.

    First, Free calling from Google client to Google client … hummm kinda like Skype or us. VoicePlex users can call between themselves all they want, no minutes used.

    Second, You have to be logged into your browser. Not very friendly if you are traveling. Smartphone clients are a must.

    Third, I think Google is trying to kill all the small VoIP providers to grab as much market as they can before the LECs, namely Verizon and AT&T make their push to VoIP as they finish selling off their wire line divisions.

    Fourth, A million calls and they crater, just ask Michael Arrington at Techcrunch And there is NO support … none, nada, zip … not so with VoicePlex. We have a phone and email support to connect with our customers as soon as they need something.

    My biggest concern is people getting used to the “something” without thinking about the “nothing”. Google will advertise to you while you’re logged in, it is how they make money. There has to be revenue somewhere … someone has to pay, or why would Google do it? There is money there somewhere … I once heard a Wash D.C. clothing company’s radio ad say “an educated consumer is our best customer”. I think that goes for VoicePlex too.

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