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Email Subscriptions

I saw this comic by Brad Colbow the other day and had to share it. And I have to say, this is exactly what we are trying NOT to make our service into! The Brads – Opt Out Bookmark on … Continue reading

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Traveler™ and Reach™ work with Android Devices

We tested successfully tested SIPdroid today with a Verizon Samsung Incredible and it works fine. Continue reading

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Adults Texting More, Still way less than there Kids

Adults text, just like their kids … Sort of. Ok, adults text 1/5th as much as their kids Continue reading

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Fixing AsteriskNow 1.7 so it works as expected

Fixing a standard AsteriskNow installation so CDR works. Continue reading

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New iPod Touch … Built in Microphone!

The new iPod Touch should let VoIcePlex users make calls without an iPhone Headset. Continue reading

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TMCnet Coverage of VoicePlex

A nice writeup from TMCnet. Continue reading

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