Verizon iPhone coming on 2.10.11


Today, at 11 AM, Verizon announced they will have the iPhone on their service on February 10, 2011.

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Everyone was excited about Verizon’s “secret” announcement being unveiled this morning. From Mobile Crunch, to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times this morning everyone held their breath with anticipation. And they weren’t disappointed.

After years of hope, whispers, and begging Apple and Verizon have finally gotten together to give the public what they want, and unfortunately, they’re not going all the way yet.

They’ve missed including LTE (but it appears the chipsets just aren’t ready yet), and the ability to support a call while using a data connection at the same time. Still, it will be enough for most to jump on the bandwagon without delay.

apple iPhone

Though only a couple features have been mentioned in the hours following the big announcement they are already making it so you’ll want to switch to Verizon with:

Here’s to Apple and Verizon. May we all enjoy the service we’ve been waiting for.

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