The 4 of the Reasons Reach Can Help YOU.

As the old year is ending, and we look forward to the new, research from IT analyst AMI-Partners highlights the needs of small or medium-sized businesses.

Whether you’re a company of 1-99 employees, or 100-999, AMI estimates a third of small businesses, and one half of medium companies, will adopt VoIP services in 2011.

The reasons that VoIP technology will become critical to companies:

  • Improved Staff Productivity
  • Streamlined Dispersed Communications
  • Lower Cost

Senior Consultant with AMI, Karne Nielsen, stated:

“ Moving into 2011, cost savings, as well as the advanced features available with IP, will impel more and more SMBs to IP architecture implementation.”

With small businesses having limited IT resources cost will become one of the biggest factors in buying new service. But VoIP companies that have easy installation and turnover, with analog to digital crossover help will win the day.

Our solution is Reachâ„¢.

SMB Business Woman

Reachâ„¢ is a voice over IP system that works with your existing PBX, or can replace it. When you’re making the switch to Reachâ„¢ we work to make it as easy as possible for you.

So when you’re looking for a VoIP Business Solution that is:

  1. Affordable
  2. Easy to grow with. (Move from 10-1,000 users without having to replace your service)
  3. Disaster recovery protection. (We backup the system to protect you)
  4. Smartphone integration – Android, Apple, Blackberry or Nokia.
  5. And More.

Try Reachâ„¢!

If you have any questions, or want to know more contact us: sales (at)

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