What Is Transfer Of Power Agreement

There was a lot of violence, and many Muslims fled what India would become and fled to Pakistan; and Hindus and Sikhs fled what would become Pakistan, and fled to India. Many people have left all their possessions and possessions to escape the violence and flee to their new country. [10] As a pragmatist, Jinnah – suffering from an endless disease of tuberculosis and lung cancer – accepted the proposal of the cabinet`s mission, as did the leaders of the Congress Party. The beginning of the summer of 1946 thus saw the beginning of hope for the prospects for India`s future, but this soon proved to be false when Nehru, at his first press conference as re-elected President of Congress, announced that no Constituent Assembly could be “linked” by a pre-established constitutional formula. Jinnah read Nehru`s remarks as a “total rejection” of the plan, which had to be accepted in its entirety to work. Jinnah then convened the League`s working committee, which withdrew its prior agreement on the Federation`s programme and asked the “Muslim nation” to take “direct action” in mid-August 1946. Thus, the bloodiest year of India`s civil war began since the mutiny almost a century earlier. The Hindu Muslim riots and assassinations, which began in Calcutta, sent deadly sparks of anger, incendiration and fear into every corner of the subcontinent, as all civilized restraint seemed to disappear. It`s going to be under the viceroy`s. I can explain that the position of the North-West-46 border is somewhat different, because there is a legislative weighting between the views of different minority communities, and it is proposed to hold a referendum to determine the total number of actual voters.

Of course, this must be done with great care, with the participation of the local government and the central government. Representatives of the Indian National Congress[2] of the Muslim League[3] and the Sikh community[4] arrived with Lord Mountbatten on the so-called Plan of June 3 or Mountbatten`s Plan. This plan was the last plan for independence. I do not want to think about the indulgence of this House, but after all, we must ask ourselves, at this early stage, whether, once things have gone so far – and my opinions are well known on this – we can find a better way to save India from the bloodbath that could be so close. I cannot doubt that, at first glance, and among the unknown factors that are positively resigned, it seems that a settlement of this line may offer India a prospect of flight from one of the most abominable disasters that have ever ravaged the vast expanses of Asia. Of course, we cannot form opinions on the very large contours and intricate details that have been given; Nor can we form strong opinions without knowing what the actual facts will be with what they hope will be from the government, the viceroy and other indian officials. But I`ll say right now, as far as the good hon is concerned.

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