Research Confidentiality Agreement Sample

The dissemination of information is an essential element of academic research, but when parties discuss the possibility of cooperation, it is often necessary to protect the exchange of information so that it is confidential and not misappropriated. As soon as the information has been made public (for example. B in conversations, seminars, posters, presentations, publications or by e-mail), they are no longer considered confidential unless they are disclosed under a duty of trust. Early non-confidential disclosure is a common reason for patent failure or loss of value in a potential license, which affects the ability to use or commercialize research, resulting in a potential loss of sales returns to fund further research. If the results of the research are communicated to other parties without a CDA, it could also jeopardize potential publications if this data is made public. The audio recordings you receive probably contain participant identification markers as well as third-party names (for example, colleagues. B, family members and/or participants` knowledge). To protect confidentiality, you must remove all identifiers from third parties and participants who wish to remain anonymous. If the transcript is done outside the university, make sure that all recordings, transcripts and recordings remain confidential (i.e. documents are never left unattended and are backed up if not used). By signing below, you agree not to disclose information about what is contained in audio recordings or written transcripts. In addition, you agree not to discuss the participants or data collected in this study with anyone other than the lead investigators. The model model (Model 1) and two other models can be downloaded by clicking on the right links.

It is important that you do not sign the confidentiality agreement yourself, as ROO is an approved university signatory who must sign the agreement on your behalf. Any revision, negotiation and subsequent approval of the proposed agreement will be reviewed by the ROO. In order to ensure that the information, knowledge or results of the search disclosed to another party remain confidential and are not misused, a confidentiality agreement (CDA) or confidentiality agreement (NDA) should be established between the supplier and the recipient of this information.

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