Cdu Student Placement Agreement

Charles Darwin University is the only university in the Northern Territory. The main campus is located in the tropical darwin, about 12 km from the city center and close to a beach. The CDU also has regional centres in many parts of the NT and offers online courses. What`s it like to study with the CDU? If you have ever been a CDU student, you can post a review and inform people of your experience. Very poor level of education. Only interested in international students as they pay triple.understaffed, how they fired teachers, although they already have seams with students. 2 teacher has up to 700 students, so it cannot be impossible with the requirements that lead to substander teaching. There are never enough internships for nursing students, because they are enrolling more students, so they can facilitate internships, which means that the level of care lasts up to a year longer than expected. I wish I`d known sooner. I have 6 months to go, and if I do my master`s degree, I would never choose this greedy university that only takes care of profit.

International student, expect to have to renew your visas due to the lack of Hii placements, I plan to start online care… You can also explain a little more in terms of investments and exaams. Greetings, I`m studying at the CDU. Do it to Bach. by Env. Science. It was very disappointing. I agree with what has already been written, because the level of education and support for external students is poor. I went from Bach.

science of movement and sport, at Env. Science. But I am now considering moving to the JCU to get better support from professors – and to be able to go to university now that I live in Townsville. Teachers seem to take very little care of students. Google is his friend. There are some who obviously take care of us, but for the most part not really. The content must be learned very quickly in a short time. Which would not be a problem if they gave support next to everything. All right. I am a second year student and I have not yet been able to do an internship because they change semester units.

Some of the teachers are good, but others are just not interested. Don`t give any details about the tasks or they respond to emails and delete roundtables when students start complaining about someone responding. There are about 5-6 units only based on culture, which could easily be compacted into 1 or 2 units. You feel like you`re losing the idea of what you`re actually studying. They sent emails about the summer semester of Pracs coming up and when I asked when we can appoint, they replied that the course is already full, even though the nominations were never sent. I called the student services and they didn`t know the course was full. Talk to the administration about how I have not yet been able to complete a practice yet and have finished nearly 14 units and had that practice to go, and they said “the chance you have to wait until 2021”, which there is still no guarantee that you could get an appointment to be able to complete the practice.

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