Apple unveils iOS 4.2 for iPad

iOS 4.2 is finally here for the iPad! Since June the new iOS has been a two edged sword for Apple. It may have been the most stable, fastest, and most feature-rich version of iOS for iPhone and iTouch users. But for iPad users it was a curse, keeping them stuck with old software that couldn’t touch the the new iOS.

Now fast app switching, background tasks, unified inbox, email threads, Game Center, and folders are here for the iPad. Plus, two new features come with iOS 4.2: AirPrint and AirPlay. Making it a whole new experience.

In spite of rumors that AirPrint was postponed it is in the new iOS, and it works flawlessly. Web pages, documents, and more can now be printed directly from your iPad all over WiFi.

Unfortunately it only works right now with specific HP printers that have incorporated AirPrint, but Apple says more should be on he way.

But the new feature that really grabs my attention is AirPlay. Apple may have demoed it in the Summer, but it’s now fully functional and is out of this world. With AirPlay you can send pictures, audio, or video to your Apple TV, and it streams wirelessly from your iPad, iPhone, or iTouch it does so without a glitch.

Even though you need an Apple TV (or AirPlay device like AirPort express for audio) to have AirPlay steam in your home the plan is to let other partners of Apple embed it in their hardware as well. Just imagine being able to go to your friends home and live stream video to their TV; with no hassle! (Apple TV does require an update to 4.1 before it can do AirPlay video.)

Keep watch for the free iOS 4.2 update to arrive shortly.

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