3 Million iPads in 80 Days … So much for the nay-sayers

The iPad was successfully launched less than 3 months ago amidst all the pro and con talk about netbooks, slates and pads. Many of the nay-sayers were silenced over these 80 days, and Apple could barely breathe between deliveries, and backlogs of waiting purchasers. And that’s with only 4 countries receiving iPads. I guess Apple was right, they had built something people would use in new and exciting ways.

I have a business friend that took her iPad on her vacation, all over Europe. She used her WiFi connectivity with our new service to call back to the U.S. for pennies a minute, instead of her cell phone’s dollar a minute plan. When I hadn’t heard from her in over a week, I emailed her to make sure everything was working. She emailed back that “It has been working wonderfully. Lucerne Switzerland, Innsbruck, Austria, Oberammergau, Germany. Munich next. I will try to give you a call later today.” She loved it! I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face for two full days, because she was testing it for her company’s use.

Here at VoicePlex we are excited about the adoption rate of iPad because we believe users will want to make calls from it, and our Traveler(TM) service and app are designed to run on the iPad. VoIP calling over WiFi is excellent, thanks to a rich full PCM codec. Yes the service runs over 3G too, but voice quality 3G is not that frequently found yet, but AT&T is working on.

To the 3 Million iPad users … I hope many of you would like to make a call using our services.

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